Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Feeling great with Iphone5

I don't have a new phone or any Iphone 5. I just read a status for a friend of mind that says ' feeling great ' and suddenly I asked her what that mean, and she says she just bought a new mobile phone which is Iphone5. Now, she is trying to check all the apps one by one. She told me too that I can have one if I want too, but I replied: I am still using my old one which is Sony Xperia and still working well so far. As for now, I don't have plan to buy a new phone. Iphone5 cost much if you buy it in instant cash, so no reason why should I change to a new one. Well, good for my friend that she got her new phone. As she said she wants to be updated when it comes to gadget matter.

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