Saturday, August 17, 2013

Tutorial will be the next!

I have a co-worker who cannot speak good English and cannot do much on basic computer skills. One day she approached and asked my profession and I just simply said that I am a computer graduate and she was so surprised by then and asked me at once about my computer knowledge.

Actually I am not a computer nerd, just simply know how to use computer and some techniques with programs. Those easy commands are just simply what I can boast for. So right after our conversation, she asked me if I can be her tutor in both computer and English. So without any hesitation I said why not? I can help you then but don't expect much from me, I am not used to be a computer geek as I said.

She said then that she wants to learn those basic commands and basic English conversation. Hmmmm... what a challenge for me! So this will be my new sideline maybe, will try to help somebody who wants to enhance her talent in speaking simple English lines and to become a computer literate!

So today she handed me her home address and maybe by next week will start our lesson! So will be going to prepare for this. Hope this will turn out into good! Hope that she will learn in accordance to my teaching ways.

Will see! I am looking forward for that day!

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