Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Typhoon Haiyan Really Brings Devastation in Philippines!

Life has a lot of surprises! You will never know what will be next and what will be for now. All we have to do is to pray all the time. Ask for protection and safety. Just two weeks ago, that tyhoon Haiyan hits the Visayas Region in Philippines and that was really a super typhoon that caused damages to the max. I cannot imagine that in just a very span of time everything are gone in the place where that typhoon hits. I cannot hold on that my tears in everytime I saw news online or in TV. People are crying for help, people lost their loved ones, missing people and dead people are still needs to count and people lost their homes. No food to eat, no clothes to wear, wounded and all. What a nightmare. After that typhoon, I cannot imagine how God moves to touched all countries to let them help and even those ordinary people are seeking for help from each other to share their blessings to all victims. In every single cents it counts, so I am so blessed that people are really cooperating in this time of needs! As of now, I am still watching online news to be updated! Until now, still no electricity in most places in Visayas. I am really hoping that they can rise again and live in a normal way! I hope that the comfort for those families who needs much help will be granted through good hearts individuals who are willing to help in their own ways. God bless for those who help and those who prayed!
Disclaimer: Pictures is not mine..got from google photos

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