Monday, December 2, 2013

I am almost done!

I am free from work today, and time to manage my little time after long time in bed trying to sleep but at the end still did not get enough sleep! But I'm free from work so it's no problem at all! So after my lunch today, I tried to fix up the balikbayan box for my family there in Philippines. I hope I can send that before the year ends. It is almost full now and just have to find some small things and done. Still have a lot of stuff though but cannot be inserted anymore! I will maybe have to order another box again and surely it will be all in. But so far it is ready to send. Pretty sure they all will be happy with that simple package from Norway! Wanna shop chocolates and that's it! That will take 3 months before it will reached to my family. So just hope that all stuffs inside the box are still in-tack when it arrives.

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