Thursday, January 9, 2014

Before the year turns to 2014 a short visit to Spain!

Before the year ends, we  finally decided to have our short vacation to Playa del Ingles in Gran Canaria Spain. It was a great adventure indeed! I was surprised then that I did able to understand and speak Spanish. It wasn't perfect but I did.

We lived in a very quiet place near to the beach and restaurants. I love most the foods, cheaper than here. It was warm then with maximum of 20 degrees but during at night you must have jacket in order to stay outdoor. It was blowing too much and it was cold enough.

The location of our hotel was really perfect. I was even able to afford to have my haircut there. We even used to give tips when we we're in restaurants and even in the salon. Eight days wasn't not enough but for first timers like us that was good enough but next time will hope to stay more longer.

We can even cooked our food inside the apartment. Everything was convenient and accessible indeed. Have here pictures of the food that I love to eat during our vacay.

These foods cost only for 8 euro. Can you imagine that is much food for the amount. 

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