Friday, October 10, 2014

Domains expires!

I have a lot domains that expires. Reasons are follows: 1.) I don't have much time to maintain them. 2.) There is not much blogging working this year. 3.) Paying domains and hosting cost a lot while your blog is not earning at all. 4.) Out of topic to post. 5.) I guess I had much blog more than I can do. 6.) Blogging is not that popular this year. 7.) Decided to maintain four to five blogs only. Blogging this year is really slow and almost dying. Some of my friends are quitting and they said that blogging is not popular at all. No more advertisers not like two or years ago. There are some but super crazy and giving out very low pay. So for me, I hope I can manage to maintain the remaining blogs that I have right now.

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