Thursday, October 16, 2014

Nothing is impossible!

While chit-chatting on facebook I am also in the site that inspires me. Was chatting to a friend who hates music. She always hates music since she was young and until she got a baby seven years ago. As she said, having a baby will push you to learn music even though you are out of tune when singing and even though you cannot play any kind of instrument. As time goes by, she is now trying to convince her daughter to enroll to a music school and learn how to play piano or guitar. What a crazy hot mama. Her world turns ups and down. From hating to loving music.

And for me, music is cool. I love listening song contest in tv and love singing a bit too but not like those professional one. Actually I am excited to connect our magic sing to a tv when have time soon. Will see if I can get good scores. So wishing good luck to my friend who is now encouraging and pushing her child to learn music all the way!

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