Friday, December 12, 2014

Ideal gift for him/her

I am pretty sure that most individual now is busy buying gifts and planning the upcoming Christmas. Giving gifts is very natural this time of month December and people are used to plan ahead of time to avoid panic buying. But in my case, I don't do much advance buying I do when I have time no matter how far or near the Christmas is. Like today, I was in the mall a bit early to spend time thinking and roaming around, indeed I found some stuff. And I met my friend who is also looking for a gift to her husband. She is looking for a guitar case but unfortunately there is no guitar store in the mall where we were. I told her to check online for easy and convenient buying. And as she agreed that is the solution for her problem. She only need to purchase and wait for the delivery  to her door. 

So indeed it's a bit stressing to think of gifts and planning out the budget for each person. But the joy of giving is the best feeling you can have if you really give from your heart.

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