Friday, December 12, 2014

Off for shopping some stuff!

Yes, Christmas is here and time to buy stuff for gifts and for myself of course. For today, I don't have work and time to go to the mall just because I cannot do malling tomorrow as I will be going to attend a birthday party in the city. A friend of mine will celebrate her birthday in a restaurant and my first time to join with them. 

Anyway, got some stuff for myself today. Luckily, after months of finding good shoes for me, finally got that pair today. It's a bit expensive but worth buying for as I needed it badly. And another thing, I bought a purse again goodness! I cannot really resist when it comes to purses but then hope no more craziness for purses next! Will see... Well, the feeling of satisfaction after the shopping time is there. Thanks God for your provision!!!

And I already bought gift to my friend of will celebrate her birthday tomorrow and it's a set of make-up that comes from branded one which is Dior. Hope she will happy for that. Expenses started already so hope can keep the budget in.

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