Monday, December 21, 2015

It's been such a while!

Yes! I'm back for updates here! Was a bit busy from the past few weeks or months. Now, I am trying to update a bit.

Well, just a few minutes ago I watched the videos of that Miss Universe 2015 that was held in Las Vegas today. And that was really a shaking announcement from the host. As he mentioned wrong name of the winner. But the host itself is just a human and can make mistakes so we must just accept. I felt bad of course for Columbia and of course to the Miss Universe from Philippines. She did not experienced the feeling of being announced as the winner for the 1st announcement.

And I saw the video of one of the contestants ( I forgot her name) , she told in public that she was disappointed for what had happened because none of them voted Ms. Philippines and I guess that was a freak answer. All of them must accept that there is only one winner. Well, that's how it goes. Congratulations so the winner Ms. Pia from Philippines. Proud to be PINOY!

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