Friday, April 29, 2016

Calling cheap abroad!

I talked to my co-worker today and she told me to change my telephone company. She had a nice offer to me and told me to do the same as hers. Hmmm... I am satisfied with what I have now. But still opening my door for that telephone company from her ends. I used to call abroad to my family every week or every other day and the one that I am using is the one that my friend in U.S recommended and that is awesome too. I love that company it's easy to call and cheap as well. So will see which one is better, so I can change and have a chance to save some penny on calling. 

By the way, aside from talking about telephone company, my co-worker also let me hear her favorite songs. That was during our lunch break and she even told me that her eldest son is a rocker and loves to sing. That was great to hear!!! And as a mom she is planning to give her son a gift this coming May as her son will celebrate his 18 birthday. So since her son loves music and love to play guitar, I told my mate to check online and find things that is related to music here at www.musicians friend . I am pretty sure she can find one for her son.

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