Friday, September 16, 2016

I bought a Ukelele!

Since I was disparate to learn in playing guitar, I ended up buying a Ukelele. Some of my friends told me that Ukelele is a bit easier than guitar. If you want to start in basic instrument playing then ukelele can be recommended. I bought weeks ago and start playing on it and indeed very interesting! I downloaded ukelele notes and try to follow those notes. A bit tricky and hard where to place your fingers on the strings but at the same time interesting!

Well, I am still starting to feel the rhythm and maybe one day I will try playing guitar! I have a friend who can play these instruments so that could be easy for me to ask some help. In other way around I found kramer pacer as a reference where I can choose to buy one guitar for me one day! Music is great so happy enough that I am starting to learn little by little!

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