Thursday, September 22, 2016

It was not a crash but a scratch!

Oh well! I got my first scratch three days ago. It was not a crash but it was a scratch. Anyway, that day I decided to drive to grocery store to buy something and to fill-up gas also. So right after my breakfast I drove to the store and everything went fine driving there and and buying some foods.

But I noticed already when I did my parking that there is a pole back in the parking area near where my car is parked. But I was 100% sure that nothing will go wrong when I do the reverse afterwards. So then, I did very slowly and feeling so safe but just in a second I did not noticed that the back of my car is at the pole ends. So that's where I got my first car scratch and I was frustrated. it should not happen because I was so careful and know that there is a pole back. But shit happens and now I have that! Luckily it was just a small scratch.

Well, I learned from that incident. Luckily it happened in a parking area and not in the road while driving.

So driving is not that easy. You all have the responsibilities around. 

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