Friday, September 16, 2016

It's all starts from penny!

As far as I remembered, I start blogging years back and the reason why is that my cousin who lives in America introduce me about this writing habits online. My cousin is really a good blogger and she has a lot of blogs online. I was curious first on how begin on writing and of course what to write and what kind of blog should I start with.

So since my cousin push me to try so I did! And indeed I was addicted into writings, but there were times that I was so lazy then and been busy in other errands too. But as I noticed blogging is really exciting. So when I began writing , reading and visiting other blog sites I learned a lot. I read a lot of individual who earned small amounts through writings.

Hmmm... that makes me think of trying more. So my cousin told me to make a blog. I remember how eager I was to earn.. (LOL). My first earning was 0.46 cents dollar and I was indeed felt so happy seeing that amount! It helps me to motivate more and more....

Day by day I read and learn about online companies who offers task to bloggers who wants to write about their products. One of those is this Triangle Direct Media. Some bloggers told me that they are giving assignments or task for you to write. Well, I applied and it took months before they accepted my site. But some of my online friends are already in their system and enjoying amounts of task, it depends on your blog popularity of course and to the niche.

Anyway, if you love online jobs then check out that link above and find task that you can do. Just read and learn! You will surely be satisfied!

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