Thursday, February 2, 2017

Live Band in the city!

Last January, my friend and her husband was in the city watching a live band that her husbands knew from before. She told me it was a nice experienced for her. She never expected that it will turns out perfect for her taste. She don't use to watch concert or live band but that time it was good. She told me that if her husband will invite her for the same band she will ask some extra tickets for me. Listening music always gives relaxation to your ears and to your emotions too! 

So, I can understand very well that my friend relates the music of that live band that they saw. Well, while thinking of that show I stumbled with this cool instrument that are best selection of scarlett 2i4 at M F. As I've read on this instrument is very cool. You can record and play at the same time. Can maybe tell this to my friend and maybe a good idea to her husbands friend who is the owner of that band! Can be an additional instrument to the band, right?

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