Thursday, March 30, 2017

For her little boy!

My office mate way back before has two kids and of them is my grand son. My grand son, is now about 10 years old. Time flies fast and my grand son is now a big boy and loves to play music specially during his Sunday school. I saw pictures in facebook that he is really into music playing drums and guitar like his dad. no wonder why he is into it in his younger age. As a God mother, am happy to see him enjoying his piece of talent as early as now. So, one time his mom and I was on chat and his mom told me that they are saving for a junior drum set for their son. They want their son to continue that habit and wants to give him complete set of instrument to use. So hope they can afford one day after saving time. I am pretty sure they can. As of now my grand son is using the drum set from the church. One day he can have his own set.

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